My name is Rhonda and I am obsessed with food.  I live in beautiful Colorado with a big kitchen that has a view of the Front Range.  Its the nicest kitchen I have ever had and it has inspired me to cook more and try new things.  I come from a long line of great cooks on both sides of my family tree and food was always a prominent and revered thing growing up.  I had an Iowa Farmhouse Grandma who taught me to make the best fried chicken you will ever taste and a chocolate cake that would make Betty Crocker proud.  I also had a Southern Grandma who cooked her ass off –but not literally–the woman loved her scotch and her deserts and let’s face it, that stuff will put on the pounds.  She taught my own Mother well. Sunday dinners were a big deal. We are definitely food people.  My grandmothers contributed their recipes to the church cookbooks (which I still have hand-typed from the 1940’s and 50’s-lots of cream of mushroom soup) and now I blog about food and post recipes online.  But it comes down to the same value–love for the food, our family and our friends.  I hope you enjoy my blog and share with me your own stories of food, love family and friends.IMG_2903 - Copy

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