Saturday Night Salmon Surprise

Its Fall in the Front Range.  The colors are beautiful, the light is golden and the days are warm and filled with sunshine.  But its Indian Summer and that crisp cold air that makes you want to curl up with a soup, stew or roast is missing.  The temperature still demands grilling.  I respect Mother Nature so I planned for some salmon on the grill this past Saturday.

I have a go-to salmon marinade that is so good it can turn even the most anti-salmon of eaters.  Alas, it is not mine.  But I share it with you here:

You can get cedar planks in the seafood department of any grocery store.  You will want to soak the cedar plank in water for a couple of hours prior to grilling.  No need to even turn the salmon.  We like ours with a little bit of a crispy edge and –it will lift right off the skin when its ready.


In keeping with the Indian Summer Grilling theme I served vegetable kabobs on the side made of sweet onion, cocktail tomatoes, zucchini (thank you Loni), red and yellow peppers.  I drizzled them with EVOO, kosher salt and cracked pepper and grilled them on the top rack of the grill whilst the salmon cooked below.  A bunk bed of grilled deliciousness.


I have a bit of a picky eater living with me (the horror) so I lured her to the table with a side dish of pasta, and this one turned out PERFECT!  I was not sure where I was going with the pasta but started with boiling some angel hair in chicken stock.  When it was cooked al dente, I added the juice of a lemon, a 1/3 cup of freshly grated reggiano, a 1/3 cup of capers and a 1/3 cup of chicken stock.  Then I added a bit of EVOO mixed with melted butter–just enough to add a bit of moisture back to the dish.  Finish with salt and pepper.


You could mix the pasta and veggies and serve the salmon on top but I did not (see picky eater reference above).  The meal was savory, but light, and the flavors were very well balanced.  It is even tastier when you add a nice Chardonnay.   Those who know me will not be surprised to know that I opened a bottle of La Crema for this meal.


You know a dinner is tasty when you have to hide the leftovers.  Which I did all the way in the back of my refrigerator (sorry Schmoo) behind the tub of rendered bacon fat.  The dish was almost as good the next night when I begged off cooking due to my eyes being bigger than my stomach at Sunday Brunch that day.  So much good food in this world, so little room in my clothes!

Enjoy the sunshine…… El Nino is coming friends and there will be plenty of time for soups, stews and roasts in the coming months.

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