Boulder bound baby!

 Anyone who knows anything about the food scene in Denver knows that some of the best restaurants aren’t in Denver at all.  Just North of the Mile High is the People’s Republic of Boulder and it has an amazing collection of locally owned restaurants doing amazing things with the craft of food and beverage.

So this post is kind of about going out to eat in Boulder.  But its also kind of about how this connected world of ours can be used to make new friends in the real world and bond over a shared love of all things yummy.

Tonight the hubs and I are headed for an overnight stay in Boulder, at a hotel. Without kids.  On the first day of Spring.  I am just going to let that sink in a minute……aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

As if that were not enough, we are going to meet up with some new friends for mediterranean food.  The backstory on Lisa……when I lived in the Buckeye state I had a dear friend who always spoke so highly of her brother’s family in Boulder. When I moved to Denver,  my friend’s sister-in-law and I connected on Facebook. Lisa hosted me on one of my early day trips to Boulder and we bonded instantly over, what else, food.  She treated me to one of her favorite French bistros and unknowingly cracked my heart open forever.  I am a sucker for French food.  And super cool chicks named Lisa married to super cool guys named Jeff.

I just finished packing for our 24 hour adventure.  In addition to a bottle of Pinot Noir and the makings for a blood orange vodka cocktail, I packed a cheese platter, crackers, clementines with sea salt, dark chocolate brownies (can’t take credit for these, my niece Kelsey made delicious brownies for us as a parting gift) and mixed nuts. Pretty nice mobile Happy Hour.

When my family moved to Denver a couple of years ago I subscribed to the local magazine 5280 as a way to get to know the food scene.  I will never forget reading there that nearly half of the top rated restaurants were in Boulder!  That is a 1 hour drive on a good day and since construction has been ongoing every single day we have lived here I have yet to experience a “good day.”  But Boulder is such a great town, a college town, with the energy and atmosphere unique to a college town but with the Rocky Mountains in the background.  So its worth making the effort now and again.  And did I mention the shopping?  Especially if you are a foodie.

Lisa is responsible for introducing me to the store Peppercorn on that first day trip years ago. This store is like crack if you like to cook and entertain.  Peppercorn is a locally owned, 2 story, all things food/kitchen/cooking/dining/entertaining store packed from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall with the most amazing collection of stuff.  I need a minimum of 1 hour here.  Today I am hunting for a large soup terrine, a marble cheese board, crystal juice glasses and salad plates to match the lovely autumn themed dishes I bought the last time I visited.  If you ever get to Boulder please stop in Peppercorn’s on the Pearl Street Mall and tell them Rhonda sent you.  They have no  idea who I am but I just think it would be awesome if you said it anyway.

Happy Spring to all my fellow Cooks and Foodies!

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