Meat-and-Potato Man

Yesterday was my 15th wedding anniversary.  The crystal anniversary if you care about things like that, which I usually don’t but its crystal!  What an opportunity to do what I do and use food to show my love while getting a new addition to my collection of dishes (that would be the lovely Lenox crystal highball glasses I presented to my hubs).

When I decided it would be fun to write about food it was more than just the food that I was interested in exploring.  Its the way we feel about food and how we use it to relate to others that is even more compelling.  How food and the traditions and celebrations of life expressed with food (and drink, oh yes) reflect our values.

Jeff and I had lived together for a couple of years by the time we married.  When we did get married we decided to put our money into the honeymoon but have a wedding of smaller, more “do-it-yourself”  proportions.  We rented a B&B for the weekend, brought in a caterer, bartender, valet and purchased our own booze.  Its not hard to throw a lovely wedding for less than 50 people on a more modest budget.

The one thing we did NOT scrimp on was the food.  I have always loved hor’s d’oeuvres.  Little plates of savory dishes are perfect when paired with an open bar.  Our caterer made everything I requested, including a dessert table of miniature pastries that was PERFECTION. It was the best part of our little cocktail party wedding reception.

We laughed tonight about the fact that we actually bounced the check to the caterer because we went away on our honeymoon before we had a chance to deposit some checks.  I showed up at their kitchen our first day back  to make it right.

Tonight at home 15 years later in Colorado (crazy?!) we dined on NY Strip Steaks, seasoned with kosher salt and cracked pepper and cooked on the med-hot grill until Medium Rare, about 12 minutes.  We watched  a weak sunset over the front range at the end of another beautiful Spring day.  Much nicer day, weather wise, from our wedding night.  We were married in the middle of an ice storm.  Seriously.

On the side, Idaho Baked Potatoes finished with EVOO and Kosher Salt then pierced with fork, wrapped in foil and cooked for one hour in 400 degree oven.  This makes the skin soft and tasty if you like to eat it, or well suited to make breakfast potatoes the next day or so.  I added some steamed broccoli finished with a bit of lemon juice and served the potatoes with whipped butter, sour cream and grated Manchego cheese.  Sadly the pantry held no chives.

To complete the dinner, add a bottle of La Crema Pinot Noir (Los Carneros 2012), banish the kids to their rooms, light a candle and voila……A Crystal Anniversary Dinner tailor made for my Meat-and-Potatoes Man.

I am not the baker many of my friends and family are and am still struggling with baking at high altitude so I am not ashamed to say I served The Bundt Shoppe mini bundt cakes.  If you have never experienced the moisty-cakey-sugary flavor explosion that is a baby bundt then get thee to Castle Pines, CO.  The top of the little cake is finished with a shot of cream cheese buttercream that is mmmmmmmmmmm.  Better than wedding cake any day.

Crystal Anniversary Dinner Casa Kitchen

One thought on “Meat-and-Potato Man

  1. Rhonda, I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it. I don’t check Facebook everyday, but today I subscribed to your blog. Your writing is terrific! It’s always fun to meet people who “get it” and enjoy cooking as much as I do.


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