For my Birthday I had brunch with my family at Lola Denver.  East and West coast oysters on the half shell, tableside guacamole, homemade doughnuts with cinnamon infused whipped cream, poached eggs, bacon, cheese grits and mimosas.  Naturally I tried my hubs’ Chicken and Waffles and had one bite of the boy’s burger.  Everything was over the top with flavor.  I was fat and happy for the rest of Sunday.

Its Monday, President’s Day and its cold and snowy in Colorado.  I have a hankering for tomato soup because what is more perfect than tomato soup and grilled cheese on a snow day?  Nothing.  Except maybe eating tomato soup and grilled cheese after a morning skiing in fresh powder.  This morning I had to work though so the powder will have to wait for my tracks another day.  Sigh.

I have never made tomato soup but how hard can it be. right?.  I cooked leeks and onions in olive oil and butter until soft.  Added 3 cans of organic diced tomatoes, 4 cups of chicken broth, a bunch of fresh parsley, basil, rosemary, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.

Its cooking now and then I will puree in small batches in the food processor, return to low and add cream and adjust seasonings.  I will make some homemade croutons out of yesterday’s asiago bread and garnish with that and grated parmesan cheese.

I love Winter.  Perfect excuse to make soups all the time.

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