Welcome to the Casa Kitchen

I love food.  I love to cook.  I am getting pretty OCD about the whole thing and I am worried my family has had enough of my “food thing” so I am starting this blog as an outlet.  I think my family deserves a break from my obsession with food.  Not everyone has the obsession but that’s totally weird and a topic for another day.

I have always called my home the Casa so Casa Kitchen felt like a good name for the blog.  My plan is to write about food–cooking it, eating it, serving it to others, letting others cook it, growing it, buying it, etc.   I am going to include pics because how can you not when it comes to food, right?

I will also include some recipes.  I was always a big cookbook kind of girl but lately my food thing has turned up a notch and I find myself creating my own recipes and that the dishes are turning out DAMN GOOD!  I have found some great tips on other blogs though and when I comes across one I like I will include a shout out.

Feedback is a gift so be generous please!

Be safe, eat well…..


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